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ULTRA TEC designs, manufactures and provides advanced surface & sample prep equipment and consumables for both routine and custom applications in a multitude of research and industrial settings.

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  • ARC-lite

    Antireflective Coating System For Backside Analysis
    • Fast and convenient – 45 second process
    • Up to 30% more transmitted photon efficiency
    • Up to 60% improved contrast under NIR
    • Inexpensive to own and operate
    • Bench-top, quiet, room temp. process
    • All package types and sizes
    • RC can be done ‘in-house’ – NO BAKING
    • Assists and optimizes emission microscopy, Laser, FIB, voltage, thermal, FMI, probing, and most other backside techniques
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  • ASAP-1®

    Analog Selected Area Preparation System
    • Suits most sizes of die
    • Low damage patented floating-head polishing method allows for extremely thin samples
    • Mechanical Decapsulation
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Enables layer by layer topside removal for de-processing
    • Short set-up and process times
    • Easy ‘on the fly’ tilt adjustment.
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    5-Axis CNC Mill for Selected Area Sample Preparation
    • IN SITU RST Upgrade – No tilt/curve translation errors – single footprint solution
    • Adaptive 3D Mesh & Curve Mapping
    • Import Overlays – use X-RAY, C-SAM images to improve targeting
    • Two RST Versions available-  NIR  (≥10 microns) and VIS (≥ 10 nm) for ultra-thinning
    • High-Def Digital Cameras — all native 4K (UHD)
    • Option for (up to) 32” Vision Monitor
    • Program by Touch, Mouse/Keyboard or REMOTELY
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  • ASAP-1® IPS

    Digital Selected Area Preparation System
    • Accurately decaps, thins & polishes
    • die, package, wafer and board-level
    • Live Process Video
    • Touchscreen with physical joystick & encoders
    • Full 100 x 100 mm Stage area
    • X, Y and Z axes all have deep sub-micron accuracy
    • Floating Head provides a true polishing action
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  • ULTRAPOL Basic

    Manual Lapping & Polishing Machine
    • Cost-effective manual polisher
    • High Torque mechanism
    • In-built coolant system
    • Can be used with manual tools
    • Upgradeable with Long Arm Positioner
    • High Quality Build
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