acid-free aged tested adhesive barcodes

Typically most labels do not pass the test of time in three particular areas: adhesive, paper and print quality. The adhesive deteriorates, the paper turns brown and the print flakes or fades. To ensure the durability and reliability of our barcode labels, the adhesive that O’Neil uses was aged tested by a company who specializes in independent Adhesive Consulting and Laboratory Testing. Chemsultants put our label stock through an intensive and accelerated again g process, in “warehouse” type storage conditions attached to a corrugated board and the equivalent of being in a record storage facility for20 years. None of the samples tested displayed any signs of peeling, flagging, curling, penetration, migration or oozing. 

Paper Free Labels

In time with exposure to light, all paper will turn yellow or brown. To keep this from happening, O’Neil’s labels are printed on an acid-free synthetic stocks, that is custom produced and will not turn color.

Unsurpassed Scan Read Rates

At O’Neil, we ensure that every barcode label order passes through a stringent test scanning process. ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) considers a grade of ‘C’ acceptable. O’Neil Doesn’t. We require that each order goes through a verification and audit process, with a scan rate of ‘A’. This is much more difficult to attain, but this gives our customers the assurance of unsurpassed scan read rates. 

durability and reliability

Aged tested by a company who specializes in independent Adhesive Consulting and Laboratory Testing.

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